Spark off invention with Neuron e-blocks


With over 30 programmable blocks and a huge range of combinations, Neuron offers all sorts of opportunities to stimulate kids’ creativity and ingenuity. And thanks to the user-friendly Makeblock Neuron App, they don’t even have to learn complicated codes. With just a few clicks, you can create all sorts of fun-packed and practical applications. Whether used for STEAM lessons in the classroom or to spark children’s interest in invention, Neuron is a uniquely inspiring tool for both educators and parents.

Over 30 interactive modules inspire kids to learn and play

The Neuron system offers over 30 electronic blocks, including a voice sensor, light sensor and infrared sensor. As they play with the blocks, creating and inventing new uses, the children receive all sorts of audio, visual and somatosensory stimuli. This playful interaction encourages children to stay focused and learn the scientific principles behind various phenomena, which in turn can inspire even further creativity.

Lightning-fast magnetic connectors give free rein to creativity


The Neuron blocks can all be linked together using magnetic Pogo pin[1] connectors. This patented interface ensures that links are safe and fast. It also prevents modules from being connected the wrong way. Children can link different blocks in an instant. They can even match Neuron with other everyday stuffs to create voice-activated lights, remote-controlled model cars that steer clear of obstacles and loads of other fun and interesting gadgets.

Creation made easy - even for newbies

The Neuron platform is bundled with the Neuron App: a flow-based programming application. With a ‘drag and drop’, a click and a conjoining line, children can set a new Neuron project into motion in a matter of seconds. This simple procedure immediately triggers visual feedback from Neuron – making it easier for children to understand the results of their actions. Interacting with Neuron blocks is easy as cake – even for users who have never coded in their life.

Neuron also supports mBlock 5, a graphic programming language developed based on Scratch3.0[1]. This language is so easy to use that anyone who can read is actually able to code – it’s as simple as putting blocks together.

Stay connected to cutting-edge AI and IoT


The Neuron modules also include various advanced features like Wi-Fi, cameras and speakers. When used in combination with the Neuron App and mBlock 5, they allow children to create complex applications that involve technology like AI[1] and IoT[2]. Children can use Neuron’s IoT feature to design an automatic light switch or automated fish feeder, for example. They gain hands-on experience with the principles of science and the logic behind specific technology. And they can immediately put this insight into practice – with exciting results!

Integrated components guarantee safety and durability


Neuron’s electronic components are all encased in PC+ABS composite materials. This ensures that children don’t come in direct contact with any metal components. It also protects the components themselves, resulting in sturdy electronic modules that can handle lots of play. The blocks are child-friendly thanks to their rounded corners and simple physical design.

Winner of prestigious international design awards


Neuron has been presented with a variety of awards by the international industrial design community. They include the German iF International Design Award, the German Red Dot Design Award, the American IDEA Gold Award, the Japanese Good Design Award and the Korea K-Design Award. Neuron has also been honoured with a CES Innovation Award, Edison Awards and numerous other recognitions.

Neuron+ Modules

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