The Camera block adds photographic and video capabilities to your invention.



The magnetic back of Neuron blocks makes it possible to place your gadget on a magnetic surface like whiteboards

The redesigned magnetic Pogo Pin-connectors effectively prevent blocks from being connected incorrectly
HD resolution

Supports AI face and voice recognition

Supports offline operation when connected to Wi-Fi block


Resolution: 1280x720
Pixel Size: 3.4umx3.4um
Max Image Transfer Rate: 1280x720 @ 30fps
Optical FOV: 100°
Lens Construction: 4G+IR
F/No: 2.97
Effective Focal Length (EFL): 2.4mm
Power Consumption: 100uA (Standby) ~240mW (Active)
Power Supply: USB Bus Power
Drop Resistance: 1.0m
Temperature Range: -30~70°C(Operating), 0~50°C (Stable Image)
Operating Humidity: <95%

Makeblock Neuron Camera Block

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