Me Auriga’s mainboard is the updated version of Orion and is equipped with multiple onboard sensors for temperature, sound intensity, a gyroscope, a buzzer driver; features a one-key power switch, wireless Bluetooth control and firmware upgrade capability, the original two red ports have been updated to four ports with the same functions; PORT5 is isolated only with serial communication function, so it cannot be used to update a program but only for communication. It is also compatible with USB serial port. PORT6 to PORT10 are compatible with dual-digital, simulation, 12C bus, unibus, and simulate serial port. Me Auriga has an encoder motor port, smart servo port and LED Ring Light Panel port (with power switch). The size of PCB is also enlarged.


Technical Parameters


Output Voltage: 5V DC & 6-12V DC

Nominal Voltage: 6 ~ 12V DC

SCM: ATmega 2560

Dimensions (Length x Width x Height): 100 x 65 x 20mm



  • Supports DC motors, stepper motors, servo controllers, smart servos, encoder motors, etc

  • Can drive two encoder motors and support over-current protection for 4A (instant).

  • Supports Bluetooth and Bluetooth wireless upgrade firmware.

  • One-key power switch to control the whole circuit.

  • PORT5 – PORT10 support continuous 5V DC and 4A output (max 3A)

  • PORT1 – PORT4 support continuous 3.5A output (max 5A)

  • Onboard gyroscope, sound sensor, passive buzzer and temperature sensor.

  • PORT5 – PORT10 have short-circuit protection and over-current protection for 3A.

  • PORT1 – PORT4 have short-circuit protection and over-current protection for 3.5A.

  • USB port with antistatic protection.

  • Compatible with ARDUINO IDE.

  • Compatible with RJ25 network port.

  • Provides a dedicated library compatible with Arduino, a user-friendly interface which is powerful and easy to understand.

  • Supports mBlock.

Me Auriga

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