mBot Ranger

Multiform land explorer


mBot Ranger is an advanced version of mBot, that comes with 3 preset forms, for three times the fun! From construction and operation through to programming, Ranger allows children to receive STEAM education in a simple and fun way. Ranger also gets children started on robot programming, advancing with them as they grow and develop their problem solving abilities.

Tackle any terrain with

Ranger’s 3 preset forms

mBot Ranger includes approximately 100 mechanical parts and electronic modules. There are 3 preset forms: the tank-like Off-road Land Raider, the three-wheel racing car Dashing Raptor, and the Self-balancing Nervous Bird. No matter whether it’s a muddy track or a challenging arena, mBot Ranger can conquer any terrain.

With multiple integrated functions, Ranger is the ideal companion for children as they explore the world

mBot Ranger integrates six types of sensor including: Light sensor, Temperature sensor, Sound sensor, Ultrasonic sensor, Line Follower sensor and Gyroscope. This broad range of sensors allows Ranger to perform a variety of functions including data collection, line following and obstacle avoidance. Children can also use Ranger to work on interesting projects, such as traversing the Antarctic to assist with scientific research!

Powerful expansion capabilities turn imagination into action


Ranger’s mainboard is equipped with 10 extension interfaces, which can connect to more than 100 electronic modules to achieve a broad range of functions. Choose an add-on pack and more than 500 kinds of mechanical and electronic parts on the Maker’s Platform to build a variety of Ranger forms. In the process of building, children using Ranger will develop a preliminary understanding of robots, and exercise creative thinking as their ideas become reality.

With 3 intelligent control modes, controlling mBot is easy


Do you need to avoid obstacles ahead? Or follow the line using a fancy walk? Then flex those fingers, because mBot is ready to go! It comes with 3 preset control modes: ① Obstacle avoidance mode, mBot can automatically sense an obstacle ahead and change its path in time to avoid it; ② Line-follow mode, mBot can travel freely along various black and white lines; ③ Manual control mode, children can use the remote control or the Makeblock app to program mBot directly and explore its countless other possibilities.

.Obstacle Avoidance Mode

.Line-follow Mode

.Manual Control Mode

Gamification makes learning programming endless fun


The mBolck Blocky gamified learning app makes learning and playing one and the same. The mBolck Blocky has designed game levels which are easy to understand and learn from, each new level adding to a child’s programming knowledge. Mr. Panda guides children through the app step by step, as they learn to program their mBot remotely, unlock different knowledge points, and master new programming skills one by one.

A Real Sense of Achievement.

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