More than just an aircraft


Airblock is made up of 1 core master module, and 6 power modules. Connect them magnetically to quickly build an aircraft, a hovercraft or a variety of other DIY configurations! With Makeblock software, children can get started quickly. Whilst they play, they’ll learn block-based programming, the principles of aerodynamics, exercise logic and use their critical thinking skills.

A transformable, flying robot,

made specially for children


Fly anytime, anywhere

All Airblock modules have an innovative magnetic design.

Assemble with a single touch and you’re ready to fly!

Transforms into numerous shapes

There’s endless fun to be had whether you’ve made an amphibious hovercraft, a compact and flexible car, or a dazzling automatic spinner!

Easy assembly

Airblock is easy to use. Via the unique MakeBlock coding app, children can control their robot with instructions they program themselves. They will be learning to program and create at the same time, through play.

Create super aerial stunts with simple hand movements

Get a professional remote control flight experience, via your mobile app


Makeblock App is equipped with a cool, professional remote control interface that allows you do aerial stunts such as flips, spirals and jitters at the touch of a button. Children can enjoy a professional remote control flight experience anytime, anywhere; and get started in seconds, even with no prior experience.

Explore new ways to play with Airblock using programmable controls


With Airblock, children can program their own flight manoeuvres and hundreds of colourful LED light changes. Airblock becomes their learning ally, teaching them creativity from the moment they take off.

Operate your robot like a pro with the Makeblock Bluetooth Controller


The Makeblock Bluetooth Controller includes 15 buttons and 2 joysticks, greatly enhancing consistency and precision, and allowing children to improve their dexterity and reaction times.

Note: The Bluetooth Controller is sold separately. 

Meeting high international standards, Airblock is a globally recognised product for play


Airblock has won several awards including the German iF Design Award, the German Reddot Product Design Award, the Korean K-Design Award, the American IDEA Award, the Japanese Good Design Award and many other international industrial design awards. Whether you want to use it as an engaging toy to teach programming to children, or as a creative teaching aid in STEAM education, Airblock is always a good choice.

Airblock Modules

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